La Boulangerie - Croissants (8 pcs)

La Boulangerie - Croissants (8 pcs)

This is your chance for getting delicious, crisp French croissants - just when you feel like it. They keep well and are single-wrapped, so you can grab one or two and store the rest for later. After just 3 minutes in a hot oven and a bit of cool down the croissants are like fresh from your private homebased bolulangerie! Perfect as snack, for afternoon tea or for treating yourself to a French style breakfast. Eat them as they are or enjoy with jam, cocoa spread, cheese og ham. 

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Wheat flour, vegetable oil (palm, canola, coconut), water, sugar, skimmilk powder, salt, yeast, thickeners (E417, E410), emulsifiers (E471, E472e), aromas, preservative (E282), antioxidant (E300), egg, coloring (E160a).

Might contain traces of almonds. 


Net Weight: 320 g (wrapped 8 x 1 pcs)
Shelf Life: 2 months

Nutrition per 100 g

Energy 1697 KJ/406 kcal, fat 20 g (of which saturated fat 14 g), carbohydrate 47 g (of which sugars 7,9 g), protein 6,9 g, salt 1,2 g.

FS Product No:  03666
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