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GRØD – organic and gluten free porridge mixes and granolas

Denmark’s first “porridge bar” opened in 2011 in a tiny cellar on Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The mission was – and still is – to redefine the concept “porridge”. In a way porridge is very simple to prepare. Yet it requires precision and knowledge to obtain the perfect porridge. GRØD combines the best aromas and ingredients to produce a satisfying and exciting porridge, now available as to-go. All you have to add is a bit of hot water and wait 3-5 minutes.  The GRØD series also includes crispy organic granolas, packed with nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

Instant To-Go Porridge with toppings

Instant porridge To-Go from GRØD come in 4 variations. All organic, gluten & lactose free, vegan, low in, high content of dietary fibers and produced with natural ingredients with no additives.

Enjoy your GRØD anytime, anywhere! Easily prepared in just a few minutes. All you need is hot water and a spoon. The base porridge contains oats and quinoa among other ingredients. GRØD To-Go Porridge comes in 4 different versions with the same base but unique toppings:  GREEN, RED, ORANGE & BLUE.

GRANOLA – Gold Winner 2018

GRØD also provide organic, gluten free, honey roasted granolas, all made with natural ingredients and no additives. Crispy and irresistible! Enjoy it solo as yummy snack or sprinkle on your favorite yoghurt. Available in 3 versions.  

At Food Expo in Herning, Spring 2018 our delicious Granola Chia Berry Flax won the award “Organic Gold 2018”. This award was given to 7 organic new products that stood out in flavor, innovation, packaging, product story and value for money.  More than 100 organic products participated in the competition in the categories ”retail” and ”food service”. Two professional panels of judges selected their favorites in each category.