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Food Solutions is an innovative trade-marketing-producer of foods for the retail business. Since 2004 we have developed foods with with special focus on: 



Sensory Surprises




    Our line of products is continously renewed/expanded. Always alert we spot new & trendy and help you all the way from initial idea to finished high selling product. Always at democratic prices! In addition, we offer our own brands – e.g. Madame Butterfly – typically developed to be gluten free, wholegrain and/or organic. Food Solutions buy from well-established partners but we also have own packaging and production facilities. Since 2011 we have been a member of the Wholegrain Partnership (Fuldkornspartnerskabet), a Danish organization that focus on increasing the wholegrain content in foods, thereby improving public health. As such, we have solid experience with developing foods that fullfill the following criteria:



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    Gluten Free




      One-Stop Food Solution

      As a trade/marketing hybrid we have extraordinary knowledge of the retail business – seen from all perspectives and with focus on quality at fair prices. We take departure in your needs and always do the little extra to optimize your products – flavor wise as well as nutrition wise.

      Nutrition & Packaging

      Our nutrition experts are ready to assist with product development and to create inspiring recipes for a healthier, easier and more fun everyday – typically with Nordic food as point of departure. The packaging is in the hands of our creative designer. She expertly develops design and ready-to-use display solutions, that convince your customers to make the right choices. Focus in on environment and simple Nordic style.

      Fokus on Health, Ethics & Environment

      We are a member of Fuldkornspartnerskabet (Danish Whole Grain Partnership), a unique partnership across sectors and disciplines including health-and patient organizations, business, government, retail and trade. Together they create target-oriented and effective activities to increase the intake of whole grain, thereby improving public health. We contribute by reducing the fat and sugar content and increasing the content of dietary fibers in our own brands. Organics and Fairtrade likewise has high priority. As such, we consider ethics, environment and health when finding products for your shelves.

      Logistics under Control

      We have many years of experience with logistics and do our best to secure effective, timely and reliable transportation. This is your guarantee for receiving your products on time.


      Why Work With Us


      Personal Customer Service

      Democratic Prices

      Product Development Options

      Packaging & Production Facilities

      Focus on Health & Environment

      Focus on Nordic Design & Taste

      Trustworthy Transport

      IFS Food Certified

      IFS Broker Certified

      Welcome to Food Solutions – we look forward to put strategic flavors on your shelves !