Strong Principles for Your Sake


Food Safety

Food Solutions works with experts & authorities with the food safety legislation. This is your guarantee for quality and for all products delivered by Food Solutions fulfilling the strictest legislations and laws.



At Food Solutions we think before we act – not least with regards to the effect on environment and people. Sustainability, organic production and health are natural elements in our mindset, and we constantly look to supply more organic and/or Fairtrade products. Madame Butterfly - our own organic brand - is a prime example. When possible, Food Solutions selects environmental friendly ways of transport. For packaging we focus on the use of FSC paper.The company itself runs on electricity produced from wind energy. Food Solutions also considers public health. We always aim for increasing the content of dietary fibres and cutting back on salt, sugar and fat. The Green Keyhole and the Wholegrain logos are very important to us and can be found on many of our products.  



Food Solutions knows that logistics is an important competition parameter for you.  To keep up with contract volume we go the extra mile to coordinate production and ensure on-time delivery. This helps you minimize the risk of sold out situations.



At Food Solutions we do more than deliver your quality foods. We are extremely service minded and think of you as our strategic partner. We aim for fast feedback on all questions and follow up thoroughly on inquiries.