Kind Gluten Free Oats

Kind Gluten Free Oats


Kind Gluten Free Oats is your guarantee for zero gluten!
As a matter of fact, NO oats contain gluten when grown. However, along the way from the field to your table, ordinary oats get in contact with other grains, that DO contain gluten. And this is a problem for you, if you do not tolerate gluten. Gluten Free oats on the other hand, are grown away from gluten containing grains and processed on smaller mills, specifically set up to avoid any possible contamination with gluten.

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Oats made from heat-treated, gluten free oat kernels.
Net Weight: 1000 g
Shelf Life: 12 months

Nutrition per 100 g

Energy 1520 kJ/361kcal, fat 6,5 g (of which saturated fat 1 g), carbohydrate 58 g (of which sugars 1 g), dietary fiber9 g, protein 13 g, salt 0,02 g.
Food Solutions Product no.: 03544
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