"Full Bang On Whole Grains"!

At Food Solutions and Madame Butterfly, the ecology lasts all year round, and in January we put "Fuld Knald På Fuldkorn" -that´s Danish, meaning something like "Full Bang On Whole Grains"!

The Danish "Whole Grain Day of the year"  is on January 19. Are we ready? We are always ready for whole grains! Our wide Madame Butterfly range ensures whole grains in all meals of the day – from tasty oatmeal cups "to-go", to muesli, biscuits, crispbread and wholegrain rich features on both lunch and dinner tables.

It is our clear mission to help people's diets on the way to a better track and many students would like to make a better choice and eat whole grains, if only it is easy and tasty.

Together with Fuldkornspartnerskabet (in english: The Whole Grain Partnership), we are brining our mission to the country's largest cities on The Whole Grain Day to show the students how quickly and deliciously they can get a good whole grain start of the day.